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Mobile Applicaton Developemnt

c# is one of the most innovative languages ever developed for computers.  Microsoft has released it for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Write once, maintain.  Object Oriented Methodology keeps the application clean and strong. 

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    Azure Cloud
    Microsoft is a leader in many parts of the Tech world.  Azure is Enterpriuse Class Techonlogy Operation.
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    Open Soiuce Big Data Managment.  For Real Time Data annalysys across the enterprise. 
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    AWS/Google Cloud 
    It makes sense to go with two of the biggest data center operators in the world 

Latest Work

Hospital Turnstyle Covid-19 Check Applicaton 


  HERE is a next generation application that will tell you where it was that you wanted to remember.  HERE!

Gold Pressed Latinum 
Light Ball

group talk is an application your children can use to talk to their friends withtout the worry of the internet.  No Strangers listenting in.

because your family is everything. 

GuitarNut is the next generation app that will transcribe everything you play and let you revew it later.

its about time you can play and find out what key that sweet licks you played was.   


A family owned small business taking advantage of the wonderful technilogical explosion weare in.


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